Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am....

The Biggest Loser!

Wow! It was a long long 12 weeks... but I am finally done with both of my Biggest Loser competitions. Although I lost the first one (hello... who loses 22% in 12 weeks!??!), I did win (barely) the 2nd one! And Oh. My. Gosh. Does it feel great! I worked my tush off... literally... and I am so happy to be rocking a size 6!

Yep... I am SMALLER than my goal!

Here are my final pics...

And since I am technically smaller than my goal... I am just going to work on toning up... no more huge weightloss goals for me! Sooooooo Freeeeeeing! :o)

Ok... your turn! Take your before/after pictures and use them as a motivation tool! I can tell you... the next picture I post of me will be me in a smoking little black cocktail dress! I can't wait to show that off!

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