Monday, January 25, 2010

Success Rituals

I do a lot of reading online while I nurse Corbin. It's not that I wouldn't rather be doing something productive, but for those 10-15 minute stints, I am captive to my chair. And every now and then, in the middle of all those random blogs, photos, and Facebook updates, I find something that makes me sit back and say "hmmm".

And today that little gem was something called Success Rituals. Now, I don't know the specifics on what the person who created this little idea meant... but I know what I am going to take it as: little rituals that I will do every day to lead me to be a successful person.

My definition of success is going to be very simple for right now... because I live a complicated enough life! But these are the daily rituals that I am adding to my life, and the lives of my little boys... and I encourage you to think of a few little Success Rituals that will make you happier, healthier, and more "you"!

1. I will drink 20oz of water when I wake up... on an empty stomach. I have been reading how poorly we hydrate and how inefficient our bodies are when they don't have enough water to do what they need to do.

2. I will start the day off with a good breakfast, or at least one that isn't laden with sugar. This will make it easier to keep up a healthy trend rather than begin with a "Welp, I screwed the diet at breakfast, why not make a day of it" attitude.

4. I will work out several times a week, at the gym. I am bound and determined to be healthier.. check out this picture of me only 10 years ago... I *will* be this girl again soon!

5. I will do educational activities with my boys daily! This will include field trips, art projects, and NO TV! Yep... we will turn the tv off from 12 to 6 every day. I am not above letting him watch tv... but we need to do things other than be couch potatoes!

6. I will get offline. Haha... you can stop laughing... I will unplug also... and dedicate only an hour a day to my online antics. As well as nursing time... somethings won't change. ;o)

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Courtney said...

OMG- if only we all could look like we did in high school! :) Go for it!!

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