Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Body After Baby, Week 4

Whew... can you believe that we are already at week 4?! I know that it seems to be flying by for me... and I am trying my hardest to keep up! Thankfully, I am seeing a difference on the scales... boy does that feel great!!

So far, here are my point totals:
Week 1 Water: 50 points
Week 2 Walking: 20 points
Week 3 Food: 21 points

This week, the challenge is sit ups. Crap. I hate those things... but I need to do 50 a day. I have been working out with Jillian and let me tell you that those sit ups don't get to be any more fun. But, as Jillian says, Abs like that don't come for free! So... I will be on the ground this week!!

Don't forget to check out Mamanotes to see how everyone else is progressing this week!

I also did something big... at least for me... this week! I bought me a pair of tennis shoes!!! Ok, I am about to embarrass myself... but I honestly have been working out wearing an old (read, bought before I was even pregnant with Ryan) pair of RocketDogs. I loved them... to death... and they really are dead. But today, I went to the store and bought me a pair of Adidas running shoes. They aren't top of the line, but they are a billion times better than what I had, and now I have no excuse to not up the treadmill to a jogging speed at the least!

One last thing... I will admit that I am terrified of the Holiday Season coming up. Cookies and weightloss don't mix... any suggestions for keeping the cheer in my holidays without gaining a belly of jelly?


Melinda said...

yay for new shoes!

during holidays, i try to pay REALLY close attention to portion sizes.
oh and i drink WAY more water than usual.

good luck!


Julie said...

New shoes make working out that much more enjoyable. Your feet will thank you. Good luck this week!

Courtney said...

Even though I am 3 people behind you I had to read your post- as I do every time there is a new one! Love the new photo BTW.

I happen to like jelly. Strawberry or blackberry. :)

I hate sit-ups.

Wish me luck!

bass family said...

Good job! you are doing great!!

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