Sunday, October 18, 2009


Shameless plug... but yeah.. here is my etsy shop. You knew it was coming... and it's still a work in progress... but I wanted to tell you that I am doing tons of custom work! Let me know if there is anything that you would like for this holiday season!

Also, for every item sold, I am donating a newborn hat to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. It's my way of giving each of those little babies a cozy little hug. :o)

Anyway, check it out. Heart me. Make a request. Thanks!


LauraC said...

Love it!
And hey, when you are making hats, can I make a recommendation? Can you make a few in slightly smaller/preemie sizes? There are always little babies in hospital NICUs where the moms are still there and they get hats that are too big.

Of course you know I know this because I went home with two hats that were too big for my babies. Loved the hats but it took about two months for them to grow into them.

It would be a nice thoughtful touch! (in addition to the nice thoughtfulness of making the hats)

Tabitha said...

Absolutely! My kiddos had big ol noggins, but I agree that even the little kiddos deserve a little hat that fits! Thanks for the suggestion, Laura!

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