Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finding Peace

As my life has started to move forward with everything, I find myself looking to find peace in what is going on. I am exploring new ideas, trying new things, and putting the things that I feel matter most to me up front and center where they belong.

I have decided to devote May to God by doing a Daniel Fast. For those that are unfamiliar, you can find out more at I am hoping that this time of inner reflection will allow me even more of a chance to find those things that are important and to find out what God has in store for me and my family.

The major components of this fast are:
  • Only fruits and vegetables
  • Only water to drink
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Bread
  • No Processed Foods
  • No Chemicals
It's like a vegan diet, but with even more restrictions.

However, this time isn't about the restrictions, its about the benefits. About hearing God's voice for me and to focus on Him. And in this time, my spirit can tell my body that it is in charge and that I can be at peace, both inside and out.

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