Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Happens

I was asked if I was abandoning my family blog... and the short answer is no. I am not purposely abandoning this blog. I have just been super busy.

First, I have decided to go back to work full time. For the past 3 months or so, I have been working part time as a consultant, doing what I do best. And I guess they like me because I have been asked to work full time. And as an employee. I am not sure yet if it's really what I want to do. I am torn... but I am thinking that if I just do 1 year.. it will make a world of a difference in my families lifestyles and our debt crunching.

I like that.

This also means that my children will need full time care. And their current sitter (that I love) can't do full time. So they need to go to a daycare and private preschool. They did a trial day and seemed to really like it. They will be going there 5 days a week... up to 10 hours a day...

I am not sure I like that.

And then there is my hubs... who is trying hard to make his dreams come true. I am so happy with what his plans are and where he is headed. But it's stressful, too. We lose some of the comforts we have loved and we gain new freedoms.

And I both love that and don't love that.

But, even in the shadows of doubt and the beauty of the unknown... my little family has been blooming into something amazing. The tensions are dropping, the smiles are all but permanent, and the love is so strong it's sickening.

And I am seriously loving this.

Sometimes people say "Life Happens" and they mean it in a way that means that they are going through a crappy period of time... or that things are out of their hands... or that there is no explanation other than it's just the cards they were dealt with.

But for me... I think that sometimes "Life Happens" because we need to grow. I think it means that things are changing, growing, adapting... and sometimes... it's for the better.

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Catherine Saleck said...

I am so happy that "life is happening" so great for you! I love you! I know the boys will be ok as long as you and Dustin smother them in kisses every night :) You're a great mom!

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