Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Insight Into Me...

A few years ago, my aunt did a personality profile on me. I had forgotten about it, and then found it while cleaning out a box of random things. So glad I saved it! Here is a peek into me. :o)


You have the ability to really focus your energy on the task at hand. You have serious, disciplined thinking. You are sincere and say exactly what you mean. You're reserved, formal, and quiet in groups; factual and cautious in talk. You are tight in your delegation with details, moreso with new and unproven people. You have a strong follow up to ensure quality. Sensitive to critisizm. 

You are analytical and technical. You have creative critical thinking skills and action. You have a technical, inquiring, problem-solving mind. You're task oriented and give very little delgation of real authority. 

It takes time for you to connect to people because you're reserved, quiet, and serious. You feel more comfortable and are more patient with the familiar. You're introspective, takes time to think about work, and organize your thinking before expressing yourself. 

You are conscientious, thorough, precise, concerned with the accuracy of details and are by "the book".  You're a worrier, do not easily delegate details and have a strong follow up. You are strict about punctuality and correctness

You're proactive, take initiative, are self-motivated, and have a competitive drive to get things done. you respond positively under pressure, work at a fast pace and are ambitious. You are impatient and dissatisfied with routines. 

You're cooperative, supportive, willing and helpful; want to do the "right" things for the team. You have a need for direction and "the book". Particularly accurate and careful with details, worried about critisizm of work. You're conservative and cautious. 

You're a logical and objective thinker. 

I'll admit... it made me giggle how much she stressed that I am "by the book:.. but it also is sooo me. 

And now you know. :o) 

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