Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If you could have seen me at the gym yesterday, you would have wondered what in the world I was even doing in that room. I was all knees and elbows... none of that graceful stuff... and the fact that my clothes are too big (I haven't yet bought new workout gear to match my smaller tush), I just looked awful.

But I loved Zumba!

It was so much fun to be in a group of women that we driven for the same cause... getting fit, having fun, and enjoying the moment... even if it hurt sometimes.

And that's how I think life is sometimes. You find the right group of people, a common goal, and then you hang on for dear life!

And Oh My! Did I LOVE that music! I swear, I need the instructors iPod!

We came home... and I enjoyed being a stay at home mom... and by "enjoyed" I mean I tried to keep my sanity with a teething baby and a rambunctious toddler... and I folded laundry while we watched Olivia on Noggin. And it was nice. :o)

I am still weaning myself from my internet addiction... and I am getting a lot done! I have finished a few aprons that will be displayed at a local boutique which will hopefully drum up some sales for Mother's Day. I plan on just whipping these out as a hobby, and since a good portion of each is hand sewn, I can do it while hanging out with the boys.

I also started  this daily devotional this week. Actually me and my sisters are all reading and sharing with each other our thoughts. Although they are daily thoughts, I think we will share once a week... and it's a good excuse to check in with each other.

It seems like little by little, things are seeming to become easier... less complicated... I don't know if it's because I am not filling my mind up with extra junk that really doesn't need to be there or if it's because I am stopping the endless click-click-clicking to another page that I was doing in the past... I am making the moments matter... because isn't that really what it's all about?

See you tomorrow at Zumba!

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Courtney said...

you must explain what Zumba is to me! and what gym do you go to? i just realized that i have to be at the beach in san diego in 4 months and i am too flabby for that!!

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