Monday, March 15, 2010

My Secrets

I was talking to someone this weekend who said to me "I don't know how you manage to go to the gym with 2 kiddos and watch what you  eat while still keeping your milk supply in check for your nursing infant..." and although I didn't have an answer at the time, I did think that it shouldn't be too hard for anyone else to do it, too!

So here are my secrets!

1. I schedule my work outs. Seriously, if you look at our family calendar, you will see that I have my classes at the gym put on the calendar. I also plan my day around them, just like I would a meal or my kids naptimes. Make it on purpose!

2. I have a back up plan. I schedule 2 different classes on my calendar... so if we are running late or a class is full, I have a 2nd class that starts in 45 minutes or so in my back pocket. I have no excuse to miss that one!

3. I write down every bite I take... and if I am really craving something bad, I drink 2 big glasses of water first. If I still want it, I will have a little bit, but 90% of the time, I am over it by then.

4. I mix it up. I do zumba, cycling, running, and resistance classes at the gym. I do the 30 Day Shred and Yourself!Fitness at home. I also started playing on a softball team and try to go bowling for double dates. Staying active makes a big difference and mixing it up keeps me from getting board.

5. I check the nutrition of all the food I eat and get point values from This Site.  I downloaded her files to an old Dell handheld that I have and keep that in my purse so I can have it at my fingertips all the time. So if I am running around and happen to need to hit a drivethru for dinner, I know what is a safer choice!

6. I don't buy sodas for the house anymore. I do still drink one when  I go out sometimes... but I order water at sitdown restaurants and drink water or tea at home. If its not there, I am not tempted.

7. I split the bad things. If I want an ice cream sundae, I split it with my husband. If I want french fries, I have a few from my son's happy meal. I still get the taste, the satisfaction, but less of the guilt. This is HUGE when it comes to desserts! If you really need it, order it with 4 spoons and share with the table!

8. I get others on my side... and have them hold me accountable! I never would have dreamed that someone telling me "I saw your pictures! You are my inspiration to get fit!" would make me feel like I need to keep it up. I hate disappointing people... and having that accountability really helps me out. Also, making my efforts public makes it easier to say "No Thanks" when everyone around me is eating garbage that I don't need.

9. I reward myself. I set small goals and then I get rewards. In the past, I'd set high and lofty goals... and then I lost interest and never got there. But now, I set small 5 pound goals and I reward myself with non-food treats, like pedicures, jewelry (a small necklace or bracelet I have been eyeing), or a day of no chores. I make sure the hubs knows so he can make the most of them and watch the boys for me. My next reward is new shoes... unless I decide I need something for a hobby! :o)

10. I hang in there... and when I think that I want to give up, I remember why I have been hanging on so long in the first place.

Whew... those are my secrets... I hope they help you out!

OH! And look what I found this morning...

 A little Sunflower just starting to peak out over the soil.

And here are the tomatoes I showed you before! They are getting nice and big!


Courtney said...

Thanks for the "secrets"!! I am still trying to figure out how to work the real gym into my schedule (it's hard living so far away from a gym!) but for now I am sticking to the Alli plan. I didn't think that $25 was too bad for a month and if it doesn't work out, then there isn't any real loss.

It's a little scary reading about the "treatment effects"- I haven't had any, but I think that a blog post about them might be in my future! :)

Muffin Cake said...

And you DO inspire!!! After you left my house Saturday I thought, "Self, you need to throw OUT that extra cake!"

Keep up the good work!!

Kellie said...

This post makes me so happy, from the tomatoes to all the good you are doing for yourself!! Yippee!

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