Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello, March!

And once again, I post and run. I can't help it. It's March in Arizona... and that means that it's beautiful and wonderful and perfect, even when it's raining. And I need to do things.

But, despite those last few sentances... I haven't been doing anything.

I have been stuck inside with some sickly kids... once again... I swear my kids have zero immunity to anything. But they have great attitudes to make up for the sniffles.

However, I have gone outside for a few short minutes a day to get my GARDEN up and running!

It doesn't look like much yet... but here is the layout!

The plan is that come May, I'll have a bountiful harvest... I hope...

But the first thing I need to do is fall into a routine again. With bootcamp over, yet both of my Biggest Loser Challenges underway, I need to step it up and get moving. So here is my anticipated schedule... which is as loose as it gets... I have 2 toddlers, btw!

6:30AM (OMG... there is an AM?!?)- Get up with Dustin... make some tea... check email and get started on my day... including shower and dress on days I don't go to the gym!
8:00AM- Wake up the kidlets. These guys sleep until 9:30-10 if I let them!
9:30AM- Gym. Daily. Gotta do it. I am picking out classes to encourage myself! I also get ready at the gym... so if I haven't showered, I'll do it here.
12:00Noon- Lunch... followed by naptimes (for the kiddos. I plan on getting started on dinner prep and clean up during this naptime)
3:00PM- Last minute errands... grocery store, Costco, whatever. :o)
6:30PM- Start dinner. Hubs is home at 7PM. Feed the kiddos if they won't make it to dinner.
7:15PM- Eat dinner.
8:00PM- Wind down for bedtime (baths, pjs, etc)
8:30PM- Kids in bed... tv/movie/catch up time for me and Hubs
10:00PM- Bedtime for me.

Let's see how that goes!


Courtney said...

#1- I am so jealous of your garden. It looks amazing.

#2- Good luck with the gym!! You can do it!

#3- Will you have your kids teach my kids how to sleep in? I am lucky if I can get to sleep in until 7!

Kellie said...

Tabi, that garden, I don't even have the words... it is so wonderful. Do you have all of it planted? I'm going to need a lot of updates on how it turns out for you and also, how did you decide on that layout?

Tabitha said...

Courtney! Thanks... and of course the day after I post, my kids are both up at 6:30am... booo! :o)

Kellie! I have all but the watermelon and cantaloupe planted. I am also planting my cucumbers in stages, so only 1 plant is planted of those... but the others will be planted in the next 2 weeks. I decided on doing a Square Foot Garden ( to maximize my space as much as possible. Then I used a companion planting site to determine what would do well next to each other. It took me a few days to figure out my layout... and I am hoping it works the way I want it to (sunflowers shading the tomatoes, pole beans growing up the corn stalks). I'll keep updating as things start really growing!

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