Thursday, February 4, 2010

Skinny Jeans

I'm a day behind on my Love Month entries... but that's ok, right?? I love not being perfect... but I'll save that post for a different day.

Today, I am loving how great I feel! I have been going to bootcamp every Tuesday and Thursday at my gym... and I am HALFWAY DONE!!! Woot!!  And even thought I have had some awful weeks and some soreness that I wish never ever happened... today, my friends... I am wearing my skinny jeans... the ones that have this in them...

Not only is this the smallest I have been in YEARS... like since sophomore year of college... I am also rawking SUPERlow rise jeans. No long-bottomed mom over here! It makes me wonder if I should grow my hair out to mid back and be that mom that everyone hates at soccer practice.

Don't worry... I won't do it.  At least not on purpose.

But I am just loving that I am finally on top of things! I made it a habit and kicked coke (although I will admit that I still have one every now and then but that *need* is long gone). I spend hours at the gym... and I will go for silly reasons like how I know if I get a workout in that I will be able to shower in peace, blow dry my hair, put on my make-up and someone else will watch my kids. That alone was enough reason for me to extend my gym membership from a month-to-month to an 18-month contract!

What do you do to love yourself?

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