Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Love Love List!

I promise I didn't forget about my blog... I really do promise! I have been super busy with sick kiddos (cold sores on the backs of throats, anyone??), bootcamp, and taking the kids on a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland for their Mimi's birthday! It was so much fun... but if you tell my Mother-in-Law that we went, I will swear on all that is holy that you are a liar.

... because I still tell her that Sedona is too long of a drive with the boys.

Anyway... since I am so far behind on the things that I love... here is a quick rundown of things to catch me up...  I'll do 16 since it's the 16th!

1. I love baking bread every morning! I really do! Ok, so it's soooo counterproductive to my weight loss journey, but for me, fresh baked bread is the equivalent of cupcakes. So I will take my points and eat a slice of hot buttered bread and enjoy it. Life is too short to eat rabbit food and be unhappy (no offense to those that eat rabbit food and ARE happy!).

2. I love getting magazines in the mail and flipping through the first time so that all the perfume samples rush out to greet me! It's something that we will never experience with online publications... and it's so simple, but it makes me smile.

3. I know I have talked about them before, but I LOVE Manic Mommies! I download podcasts to listen to while I am on the treadmill or for in the car. They are so real and refreshing... makes me feel happy!

4. I love to dream big... :o)

5. I love that my husband is super supportive and lets me entertain those huge dreams that I have. I know that no matter how silly my ideas are, he won't point them out... and he will ride them out with me. A partner like that is a rare breed!

6. I love honey. I buy it by the gallon... and we use it a lot! Especially since I am moving away from HFCS, we are using more natural sugars. I know I know... sugar is sugar is sugar, but honey is a better choice for us than corn syrup. And it's a common saying in our house... "You are sweeter than bee barf." Oh... my life as a mom of boys will be awesome!

7. I love being the mom of boys! I can't wait for a few more years to pass and we get some real trouble going on.

8. I love having a family with a giving heart. I love camping in my sisters living room and going through bags of clothes to find some tops that I can't live without and finally snagging that pair of heels that I've had my eye on for years! I love not having to keep track of  "borrows" because it all comes out in the wash. :o)

9. I love that my sister trusts me... that I didn't ruin her by being a Big Sister... and let me wear her $400 cashmere when I went to dinner with the hubs for Valentine's. (If I had known it was a $400 cashmere... it would have stayed in the closet!)

10. I love reading my friends blogs. I am not sure if you know this... but the "My Friends" section really are my friends! All live and in person! Some of them I talk to daily... some I haven't talked to in person in years... but I have a special place for all of them! And my daily me time is spent catching up on your lives... It's my way of being a better friend.

11. I love jeans. Dark wash, bootcut, low rise. I will never wear skinny leg, cigarette leg, painted on... whatever they are calling them now. Hippy girls don't need to accentuate those ankles. Ever.

12. I love to cook. I own over 30 cookbooks. And I love my Cooking Light subscription, too! I am a closet foodie who would love to have grown up to be a food critic.

13. I love doing laundry. It's the one chore that can actually be finished. Everything else just keeps going. And I love the smell of freshly washed sheets...

14. I love throwing my kids into piles of freshly washed clothes. They need to learn to love them, too! Warm out of the dryer... mmmmmmm.

15. I love snuggling up on the couch with my hubs after the boys are asleep and watching White Collar, Burn Notice and Psych. He lets me put my cold feet on him. I don't love socks.

16. I love blogging. It's just for me... I can get my thoughts out... and I want to be better at it... but I do love it!

Whew! What do you love??

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Muffin Cake said...

I love love love your love love love list!

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