Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mom of Boys!

I love being the mom of boys. I really do! I was never a real girly girl... and I grew up with sisters (until I was 7, then my brother came along). I thought girls were a lot of drama and thought boys had it so easy!

And when I was pregnant, we chose not to find the sex out of the baby... and deep down, I know it was because I didn't want a chance to be disappointed... not that I would have NOT liked having a little girl... but I definitely wouldn't have known what to do with one!

But, now, being the mom of boys has a different challenge in that I love to craft and make pretties... that boys just don't need or want. And it's so hard to find fun things to make for them!

I have to thank my friend Alli for turning me onto the Celebrate The Boy Month over at Made by Rae and Dana-Made-It! Check out the buttons on the left to see more! I can't get enough!

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