Monday, February 1, 2010

Woohoo and Letting Go!

Welp, I won! I was the lucky runner up winner of Kevin&Amanda's blog makeover giveaway... which really means that I was winner #2!! Stay tuned for a brand new look! I am excited!

Also, since this is the month of LOVE... I am going to be posting every day in February with something that I love... and today, I love my ability to let go and let God.

I am not sure if you have heard this expression before... It's only be part of my life forever... haha! I grew up like a lot of kids... full of complaints about how the world wasn't fair and about how everyone was out to get me. And I lost friends. And I felt as though I needed to control everything. And I just couldn't.

One day, my mom told me "Just Let Go and Let God."

And boy... that has changed me.

I can't say that I let everything go. But a lot of times, I realize that no matter how many times I beat myself up about something or try to control it or do everything I can to change it... it's out of my hands. And it's then that I realize that if I just Let God, my life becomes easier. I can lose the stresses that bog me down and I can deal with things that otherwise become debilitating.

Whether you are a believer in God, Karma, or just life itself, the concept of just letting go of the things that weigh you down the most is absolutly freeing. And it's terrifying. What happens if the world falls apart the second you let go? What if all of your hard work gets lost and you have to start over.

But what if it doesn't? What if it fades away and you realize that this whole time... it didn't even matter. Not even to you.

How awesome would that be??

So, your daily challenge: Let Go. It'll be ok... life will go on... and I want you to LOVE the way that it looks on the other side!

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