Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our New Addition...

No. This isn't a pregnancy announcement.

For Christmas, the hubs got me a piano. And by "got" I mean that we went down and rented one. We got it for $50 a month and our first years worth of payments goes directly to the purchase price, as well as the money we paid for delivery. We figured in a year, we might be able to afford the price tag... but we could just do payments for as long as we wanted to.

Until this weekend happened. We were on our way to Hollywood to visit my sister... and my cell rang. I answered and heard a shaky voice ask if we would be willing to buy the piano outright... for $1400 less than the sticker... $800 under the actual cost of the piano. But nothing we already paid would go towards the purchase.

At first I was a little skeptical... you know... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I asked questions regarding warranties... tuning that hadn't be done yet... kicked myself for paying a payment 2 days prior, etc.

But then it struck me... the deal had nothing to do with the piano.

Turns out the small shop owner needed to come up with money for payroll. It was the 11th... payroll was the 15th... a holiday... so he needed the cash by Saturday. And while a lot of people might say "not my problem"... I have an extra big soft spot in my heart for small business owners. Especially those that put everything on the line to keep things going in the hard times. I couldn't be the reason that payroll wasn't met. That the store had to close. That things just wouldn't work out.

And I just got my tax refund.

Sooo... check out our latest addition to the family. :o)

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Angel said...

What a heart-warming story. how wonderful that you were able to help that business out. And love the new addition, you will love having it.

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