Thursday, January 14, 2010

Half Way Point

So... we made it the next payday... but that isn't a relief... more of a notch on the belt of time, letting us know that we are closer to the end of this.

We are actually doing ok, which is only a minor surprise. We have been able to eat really well. Alright, I admit, Hamburger Helper is far from five star cuisine... but we also haven't resorted to beans and rice. Or just mac & cheese. I have even made cookies (from a mix that we already had) so this strain hasn't really felt as bad as it is on paper.

We have started cutting back on a few things, like pushing our exterminating (a relative luxury) to every 2 months (they don't bill unless they come out). We also have set aside a large amount of items to consign. These are mostly baby items that will be sold at the Savvy Sale in February. The hubs also contributed his $350 winnings from his Fantasy Football tournament to the family budget. So far, nothing has popped up as a surprise bill, but that is what we are most afraid of right now. What we don't know.

Next week has a doctors appointment and a dentist visit, both of which could potentially lead to bigger dollar expenditures. But I am hoping that both can either be delayed or put onto our Care Credit account. But the appointments themselves must stay next week... the health issues have gone too long without treatment and now are interfering with my day to day... and I am just praying it's not near as complicated as I think it might be.

I am also starting a bootcamp next week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's the same one I did a year and a half ago... but this time, I am making modifications and WILL complete it. I also plan on doing cycling on my off days, so Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. My goals are to be about 16 lbs lighter by my anniversary, April 15th. I have updated my ticker over to the left... help keep me motivated!

Also... I am at 15 days without a Coke... it's a different type of sobering... but I am proud of myself. And once I am through this, I will not look back!


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