Monday, January 11, 2010

For Hire

I have never been one that handles stress well. I am an emotional eater. I like to retreat into my own private places and hope things blow over. I have even been known to just sleep when things are too hard for me.

But I can't do too much of that now. Slinking back into my solitude to find some kind of happy right now doesn't get things taken care of. It doesn't take care of babies, it doesn't wash the dishes, it doesn't pay the bills.

So... my new thought is to just face this stress head on. I can't do anything about my situation sitting at home... being a stay at home mom. So... my resume went out this weekend. I actually am a very talented person... besides the crafty side, I am a proud degree holding momma! And I have worked as a business manager and accounting manager in the not so distant past. I am hoping that these skills will help land me a job at one of the 14 companies that now hold that little piece of paper with my info on it... and then I can start bringing home the bacon... or at least some hashbrowns, right?

I have been needing to put a lot of me on the back burner. My weight loss journey isn't headed anywhere while I am stressed. And a few of my health issues are needing to be ignored temporarily until we have more cash in hand. But I am ready to find me and to make myself happy. And I think working might just be an answer to more than one problem.

Yesterdays meals:
-Breakfast: Pancakes
-Lunch: Sandwiches (parents house)
-Dinner: Domino's (parents house)

-Breakfast: Pancakes (frozen yesterday)
-Lunch: Refried beans with brown wild rice, tomatoes, and tortillas
-Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs

I made some from scratch french bread.... and it is DELISH! Try it out!


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Kellie said...

I didn't know you were planning on going back to work! Good luck, I hope you get some calls!

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