Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bootcamp Dropout...

Have you missed me?? I've been missing the blog. Things around here have gotten pretty hairy... I have been trying to keep busy... I am thinking of what to do for Ryan's 1st Birthday (yes, I know it's 2.5 months away), Christmas gifts (yeah... I know it's even further out) and just living life. But, I am going to try to come back to the world of blogging... it's a great release.

One thing that I've been trying to do is venture into the world of MILFdom... I need to get to a size Sexier... fit into some skinny jeans (not that I own a pair) and get some heads turning. One thing that I have attempted in order for me to get there is Hot Mommy Bootcamp. I saw a flyer for this camp and was so excited. I laced up my silver Nike's and headed for the basketball court with my hand weights and yoga mat, expecting to meet a roomful of other new moms who had a few pounds to lose and a goal in mind....

Boy, was I wrong. These girls were craaaazies! Some of them even missed the name of the class and signed up without ever having birthed a child. Over 80% of the room was full of flat tummies, toned shoulders, and sleek hips... and the other 20% were REAL Women! Women who had something to lose and were ready to get into shape, despite eating the Gerber Yogurt Bites and keeping calorie counts up to nurse... We were outnumbered and we knew it.

Needless to say the class! I realized after I left that somewhere in between lunges, sprints, crabwalking with some yoga rubberband around my ankles, or some whacked out up-down, I pulled my knee. After a week of ice and ibuprofen, I still wasn't better. I visited my doc, and she ordered xrays and MRI's... and yep... it's messed up... miniscule tears... but still enought to say I can't do it anymore...

For the first time since highschool... I had a Dr's note to get out of gym... until further notice.

So much for my skinny jeans... :o(

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