Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Parent's Pledge

I am a subscriber to Parent's Magazine... and I LOVED the little bonus that came this month about making a pledge to keep my kids healthy. I am taking it... will you?!?

I am making the Parent's Pledge. To keep my kids healthy, I'm going to make these ten important promises a priority!

1. I won't let anyone smoke around my children- and I'll support my loved ones who want to quit by sending them to

2. We'll stock up on sunscreen and wear it all year long.

3. I won't drive anywhere (even around the corner) unless my kids are buckled into their car or booster seats (and I'll check to make sure I have it properly installed).

4. I'll calmly keep serving my kids different kinds of vegetables and won't give up even if they refuse the first ten times.

5. When evenings are hectic, we'll still make bedtime a priority. Sleep-deprived kids are more likely to get sick, space out in school, and melt down. Who needs that?

6. Helmets must be on those little heads anytime my kids are going to be on a bicycle, scooter, skateboardd, skates, sled, or skis.

7. Hand-washing will be a house rule- before eating, after usign the bathroom, or sneezing without a tissue- and I'll be sure the kids can reach the sink and soap.

8. We will practice a family fire drill, test our smoke alarms monthly, and make sure we know how to use a fire extinguisher.

9. We'll get outside to play every day, even if it means stomping in puddles.

10. No matter how much they beg, I won't allow my children to have a TV in their bedroom.

You can visit to send this pledge to a friend!

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