Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't Give Up!

I had to go to the piano shop today to buy my music books for my lessons. In my bag, I found a flyer that had some beautiful words of wisdom that were written by Elma Allen Milano when she was 84 years old. I figured that her thoughts at that stage in her life were more than just some fleeting impressions.... and I also think that you might find them as inspiring as I did... especially for this time in my life!

Tips for Not Giving Up
1. Smile Continuously; look in the mirror to see the improvement.
2. Look for good and pay sincere compliments.
3. Get outside; take a walk; smell the breeze; enjoy nature.
4. Avoid stimulants wich leave us with letdowns.
5. Simplify and purify our lives
6. Count our blessings.
7. Avoid negative talk and complaining people.
8. Be sure to get enough sleep; arise and retire early.
9. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily. Count them!
10. Consume plenty of fresh produce and whole graines.
11. Maintain healthy regularity and order in all phases of our lives.
12. Keep actively engaged in worthwhile pursuits.
13. Use music to create a happy atmosphere.
14. Life the lives of others; spread joy around.
15. Patiently wait: 'til the sun shines/'til we feel better/'til things improve.

Some of these are harder or less practical for me... but some of these would be cake... and today I will start adding one thing back into my life... I refuse to give up!

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