Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am loving...

I told you all a few weeks ago about the Febreeze filters that were making my life so much easier... well today, I just wanted to let you know about another little thing that I am just loving right now.
First, some background. Dustin and I have had a leather couch for quite a while... but a couple months ago, my parents gifted us a really nice sectional... but it was fabric. I was soooo nervous about it. About not being able to wipe it down after Ryan spills a snack or touches with sticky fingers. About cat hair, and dog filth... ew ew ew.
Well, the vacuum is still my friend, but I found another product that just helps me feel just a little bit more freshness when I plop myself down for some R&R.
Enter Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator! This product works by eliminating odors in fabrics, and leaving a nice fresh scent. I love it because now my couch and all 10 pillows on it can get a little pick me up without me having to pull out the vacuum or throwing everything in the wash.
... and at $4, you can love it, too.

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