Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

My 20 in 20 is still going on... and I have a few more weeks to work hard. In fact, I still need to update on my mini challenge (the 8 week Body After Baby), but Halloween was a little bit of a slip since I brought in some candy... and ultimately my weakness... Twix. Yep... scoot over Klondike... what would I do for a Twix?!

I have had to try to avoid them, but one of my guilty pleasures is called Nutella. Have you tried it before?? if you haven't tried it, you have to! But I won't tell you to go out and buy the jar... what if you don't like it... then I would feel guilty. But worse... what if you love it?? Then I'd really feel guilty. But anyway... if you want to try it, grab one of these next time you are in the check out line...

Nutella is essentially the creaminess that is in the middle.... mmmmmm

And it isn't that bad for you... it's pretty much hazelnut butter with a bit of chocolate... and is delish on any baked item... or on it's own...

You are welcome. :o)

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