Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Body After Baby- Week 7

Oh Geez... I only have2 weeks left in the Body After Baby Challenge... and while I have been doing great... the fact that I have been sick for a whopping 5 weeks (Yes, cold then sinus infection, then new cold, then cough) means that I have been super sucking when it comes to going to the gym and getting my workout on. booooo

But this is a new week... and I am gonna kick it up into high gear! We have big plans to make it to the gym in the morning tomorrow and Thursday. I am pushing the double stroller around the zoo on Friday (it's Ryan's Birthday... so the zoo is in order!), and then I'll have to figure something out for the weekend since Dustin has a softball tournament. But I need to get crackin' on this otherwise the only one that will be missing out is me.

This weeks challenges: Water and workouts (of 30+ minutes). I can soooo do this! I also need to total up my points for the previous weeks (good thing I wrote them down on my planner). If I have high enough points, I will be submitting my before/after pictures on MamaNotes... but either way, you guys will see my before and after for the 20 in 20 challenge at Christmas time!

Ok... there is no day like today... so lace up those sneakers and head outside... I hear it's gorgeous!


Julie said...

Pushing a double stroller anywhere is a good workout! Enjoy your time at the zoo and good luck this week.

Jamie H said...

Yep, being sick certainly doesn't help these challenges! You can definitely finish strong though!

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