Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fatty Cake

I don't know how I feel about this. I know that I should just accept it at face value, but I have a tendancy to read into things. I know I am not alone... you do it, too, don't you? Really?

I met my mother in law today for lunch at Jason's Deli. My husband also met us there, and once our food came out, he mentioned about how his wrap had only 300-ish calories... and I say something about how that's probably what I should have ordered, and he offers me a bite... blah blah blah... and then my MIL says "Yeah, I noticed you have lost a lot of weight."

To me.

Ok... so on one hand, it's a compliment... I am looking smoking hot, no? But at the same time... it makes me feel like those nice words were laced with barbed wire... was I a fatty cake?? Was I a chunker the last time she saw me?? I mean, I have lost 11+ lbs in the last 15 weeks... but I am still wearing my same old jeans... I wore a maternity top today (because I like it... not b/c I need it). My shoes were even a little snug... but to my MIL... it was the *best* I had looked in a while.

Why couldn't I just accept it? I have been having what I call FCS... or FattyCakeSyndrome for a while now. It's where I just see myself as chunky... no matter what the scale reads. So I eat a cookie to make myself feel better. Or maybe I make some chocolate milk. Or whip up an excuse for a Sonic shake. And then when my husband makes an advance, I kill any chance of anything by asking the question that is really dreaded around here... "Am I a FattyCake?? Do you just like FattyCakes?!?!"

But I promised myself this week is going to be a FC-free zone. I am going to love myself a little bit more when I start thinking my FCThoughts... and my shakes will turn into bubble baths. My cookies into At-Home Pedicures... and in no time, this FattyCake will be a CutiePie.

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