Monday, November 9, 2009

Weeding through it all

Wow. I never knew how many toys this child had until I decided to bring home more toys. And Dustin and I are in agreement that with Christmas a few short weeks away, we will be in trouble every year. But it gives me a chance to go through all of the toy bins and pack up what Ryan has outgrown, Corbin isn't old enough for yet, and any duplicates that can be replaced (old radio controlled car for a newfangled one).

Although I'd love to just hold a garage sale or list these toys on Craigslist... I am far too lazy and cheap. I'm more likely to just hold onto them forever. But then I remembered that I have been wanting to sell some outgrown clothing (that likely won't line up right with the seasons for Corbin) and toys at the Savvy Sale that is coming up in February. So... that's what I am doing. Packing things away to make a few bucks! Woot!

If you are a mom with some things to pack up and out in the Phoenix area, check out If you are a mom-to-be... check it out, too! There are great deals... might as well be for you!

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