Monday, October 12, 2009

Why, Oh Why?

I have a gym membership. I know... I am someone who definetly shouldn't. But I do. I am lousy about going... in fact, it's been on hold for the past year. Oh geez... did I just admit that? I have been paying $10 a month for the gym to hold a space for me... boy did they see me coming.

Well, the hold is off. I found out when I had the $67 charge hit my bank account. And then I said, welp, if I am paying, I better go. And what better time than right now, in the middle of my Body after Baby and 20 in 20 challenges? So, I donned a sports bra and packed the kids up and headed to the brand spankin' new Mountainside Fitness. There was a treadmill calling my name.

Back when I was a billion years pregnant, Dustin bought me an iPod that he loaded up with soothing music that I could listen to while I was in labor. I never really needed it after all, and I never learned how to use it. And since I don't even own 2 cds to rub together, I didn't really get it. But then I learned about podcasts. I am in love... with podcast talkshows! It reminds me of my commute I used to have... and my morning radio shows. And I am really INLOVE with Manic Mommies... you can find them on iTunes or on their website at They make me laugh and are so fun to listen to. Plus, with each podcast about 1 hour long, I can hop on the treadmill and walk until it's over! Painless workout! Check 'em out!

But... I have just one little question... why, oh why, must every.single.cardio.machine face north... out the windows... and stare right at McDonalds?? Seriously? This is going to make me seriously consider a cycling class... ::sigh::

OH! Getting things added to the etsy shop... it's a slow process but a process none the less!

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