Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reasons I Can

All too often, we come up with reasons why we can't... We are too busy, we are tired, we don't feel good... whatever. And the truth is, we come up with these reasons no matter what it is. Need to come up with dinner ideas? We are too uninspired. Hubby wants a little personal time? We have the proverbial headache. Craving the Snickers ice cream bars in the freezer? Too lazy to actually get up to get it... right? Ok... maybe I lost you on that one... :oP
But I think it's time that we all made a little change... let's start coming up with Reasons We Can!
I am particularly feeling this one with my weightloss challenge I am doing. I can drink more water because I care about my body. I can get out in the morning, pushing my two beautiful kiddos in the stroller, because the weather in AZ is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS right now! I can get up and get dressed... shoes, make up, everything... because I want to look sexy! I can come up with 1 great meal a week because slowly and surely I'm gonna be a Domestic Goddess!
It's my hope that this little change to a bit of optimism will start having a great effect on the rest of things around here. Who knows... maybe it's contagious. :o)

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