Thursday, October 1, 2009

List making

::sniff:: That's what you'd be hearing around here as I am nursing a cold... and trying to keep the kidlets from getting sick. And since I can't do much while I am feeling like my head is inside a gold fish bowl, I am working out a bunch of plans for the month of October... Oh my... can you believe it's already October?!!?

So, I have my Body After Baby Challenge that I am working on... so I gotta clean out the closet and organize my awesome fall/winter clothes! I cannot wait to wear my knee boots and comfy sweaters. I am sure a lot of my fellow Arizonans agree with me that it's so awesome to be able to have sweater weather, but not have You-Better-Wear-4-Layers-With-That-Sweater weather. ;o)

I also need to get my Etsy Store up and running... well, it's up. But definetly not stocked for the holidays yet. My goal is to have at least a dozen things listed by this weekend... I'll post a link to the store as soon as it's stocked!

I also have to share some pictures of the handmade holidays that are in full swing here... you are gonna love this stuff! :o)

What is on your lists for fall?

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