Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok... I am now feeling like I am never gonna get back into the blog world if I don't just start writing something when I come on here. So you may get a bunch more little posts from me. Sorry. That's just what happens sometimes. Besides... I really am not feeling like I have a whole lot to say right now.

And it's not like I just don't have anything to say that isn't baby related... it's just that I feel so uninteresting. I have even been neglecting my everyday forums because I just keep thinking that the words that come out of my mouth (or more appropriately, leave my fingertips) are just filler... nothing more than random fleeting thoughts... and definetly not worthy of deep thinking..

Anyway, I am adjusting to Mom of 2. I know I know... a lot of you have done this and it's not that hard, or maybe it is... but either way, I am slowly making this world my own. In the process, my house has gone to crap... I think I've showered 4 times since I've been home (mostly because of the guilt I get from my husband after the shower since the baby has been "crying since minute 3 of your shower"). And I don't remember what I had for breakfast... did I eat breakfast?

I was looking back and saw that I was having a lot of these same feelings after I had Ryan and I am hoping it's not a glimmer of PPD starting to show... I can't wait to get my clearance from my doctor to start exercising again and I want to go do the Mommy Bootcamp at the gym (the same one that kicked my butt last year and I had to call it quits early) in September. Hopefully, those endorphins will make me nice and happy. Because Happy People Don't Kill Their Husbands.

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