Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Economic Challenge

Having a second little one has made it even more obvious to me that I cannot afford to go back to work. It's too much to pay for daycare for 2 little boys, and I would be barely making enough to cover the cost of daycare... and that just doesn't make sense.

However, increasing financial challenges keep popping up and making me wonder if we made the right choice by having kids and me quitting my job. Right now, I am ashamed to admit, we are in a really tough spot... and although things are slowly getting better (we did pay off over 10K in debt already), I am DONE doing the too much month at the end of the money dance. :o(

Dustin and I are taking on an Economic Challenge each month for the rest of the year, using the mindset that 5 months isn't that bad, right? The idea would be that we are going to do 1 thing for the entire month that makes a huge jump in our financial world. And, since August is when we need to pay Dustin's car registration, and Dustin wants to do a Boys Weekend to Vegas (deposits are already paid, so no cancelling now), we need to find some cash somewhere.

August: No Eating Out. The only exception to this is if someone else is picking up the bill... lol... and no, we don't need you to invite us out! My parents like to eat out and usually invite us to go along, so if they are paying, we won't be rude. However, we are going to be eating homemade and at home for August.

Have you and your family made any changes like this? Let me know how it's going... or let me know if you want to take part in our little challenge!

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