Sunday, June 14, 2009

Final Stretch

Welp... sorry I have been MIA... frankly the stuff I *would* blog about right now would be more along the lines of pity parties and craptastic vents... I am headed into Grumpyville... the place all pregnant women seem to go the last couple weeks of pregnancy.

I have 9 days until my estimated due date, at least according to my records. The doctors previously told us that because of my 1st birth being a c-section, we could only go to 40w3d. And seeing as though the average baby is born at 41w1d, that wasn't really a good thing. However, due to everything looking good, they agreed to 40w4d, which happened to land on a Sunday... so we get to schedule a c-section on 40w5d... June 29th. Our hope is that we never make it that far... but it's much better to have the extra time if we need it.

I am very uncomfortable at this point. And I am annoyed because of course I put off buying a baby book for Baby... and now the one I wanted has been discontinued. I found it on for (get this) $157.00. Yep... like it's gold printed... ugh. :o( And I am ready to be done... which I hate saying because I was blessed with such an easy pregnancy... but I am.

God, give me strength to make it through these last days... I sure do need it.

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