Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And I'm Done.

Today is our Due Date. I have finally finished 40w of super fun pregnancy stuff... and I am officially past the date that I had Ryan (39w6d). I was sooo hoping to have this Baby in my arms right now and a little less in my hips... but what can you do?

We have made a few decisions regarding the pregnancy that we were up in the air for... I mentioned in my last post that we scheduled a c-section for June 29th, but at my last appointment, the doctor offered us yet another option. We changed our appointment this week from Friday to Thursday and if we have made some progress regarding dialation, then they will put us on the induction schedule for the weekend. We can't actually be induced, per se, but they can break my water and see what will happen. Originally, we were anti-artificial rupture... but we really want to do everything we can before Monday's c-section so that we aren't just giving up.

It's so weird for me to be thinking that this time next week, I will have a little Bug that is at least 24 hours old. Ryan seems to be ready for the changes... he says "Baby" a lot, carrying around the baby doll that Dustin and I bought for our birth classes we took when we were pregnant with Ryan. He trys to feed the doll cheerios, shows it his "brrrrrooommms" (cars), and sits and cuddles with it. If he is half as good as a big brother to the real baby, we are all very very blessed. OH! And he has no idea, but there is a Build-A-Bear Monkey all stuffed and ready to go in the trunk of the car right now... a present to Ryan from his new Baby Brother or Sister... I hope he loves it!

Ok... I promise to take some pictures of the crafts I've been working on and getting those updated in my next post... and I'll eventually catch up on those Fantastic Parent Posts! I promise!

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Courtney said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 27th! :-) Your little one will be here when it's his/her time to be here. It stinks waiting, I know, but I hope having the doctor break your water will be a good decision. It helped me with both my kids!

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