Saturday, March 28, 2009

Worked for me- Laundry Day!

I know that most people do "Works for Me Wednesday", but if I try, I always think of something that works for me that I want to talk about on a Monday, or a Thursday... so I am just going to tell you about this today. :oP

Laundry Day for me really sucks. Seriously. My hubby is the one who throws all of his clothes (and I do mean all) into a pile outside his closet. Clean, dirty, kind of dirty, doesn't fit, needs repair... they all go into the same pile on the floor. And he hates me doing his laundry for some reason... I think he's afraid of clean, organized drawers and closet. But that's another story for another day. But his pile is what makes my laundry day suck... I have to conduct the dreaded smell test on half the clothes... and the other half I kind of wish I would have used tongs to pick up. Kidding. Kind of.

But I knew that there had to be an easier way, so I asked my friends what they do to make their laundry day run more smoothly, in regards to sorting, and I was told about this wonderful sorter available from Seville Classics. I bought it online at, and let me tell you... best. purchase. ever.

First of all, I really didn't want to spend the money on another craptastic sorter. Some of them just fall apart, or the bags aren't easy to remove (or don't remove at all) or have those cheap plastic mesh bags that my cats rip to shreds. I also didn't want anything made of wood (splinters in my laundry just suck) and those plastic hampers are a pain to reach into at 7 months pregnant to try to grab a sock at the bottom. This new sorter is made of a higher grade metal, with metal wheels that allow me to roll it with ease over the carpet and tile to the laundry room. Each of the 3 bags easily removes from the holder, and holds about 2 loads (at least for my washer). Plus, having the hanging bar made quick work of all of the dress shirts and jeans that I like going from the dryer to hanging before wrinkles can set in!

I just did our first laundry day with the sorter... and I was able to wash 5 loads during the day... and it was CAKE! I rolled the sorter back to the bedroom with empty bags, and a full rack of hanging clothes, hung them in the closet... and my poor little back didn't even have to squirm at the thought of carrying any laundry!

I definetly recommend this laundry sorter if you are looking for something to make life easier! Costco also carries a similar model in stores without the hanging bar for slightly cheaper, but I seriously love the bar!


Courtney said...

I like this idea! I don't have a very big laundry room, but my closet is pretty large... About how wide is it?

And the big question is- does your hubby actually put his dirty laundry in it, or do you still have to pick it all up off the floor?

Tabitha said...

It's about 30 inches wide by 18 inches deep... it definitly won't fit as a permanent fixture in my laundry room, so I keep it in our bedroom.

And YES! He did bring all of his clothes the the baskets and sorted them for me... even asked me "what stuff goes in which baskets?"... ahhhh... love it!

Adrian said...

I'm so glad you love it! Anything to make laundry a bit more fun is worth it in my book :)

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