Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where did my week go?!?

I can't believe that I missed blogging this whole week. I forgot my Fantastic Parent post. I forgot to update on my life happenings... geez... I must have been busy! :oP

Oh wait, that's right. I was! This week has been super super busy. Monday, we had several members of our church show up to assemble Easter baskets. We are having a huge Easter Eggstravaganza next weekend... LOTS of FUN for the kiddos!! And it's all free! Check out the details at But, take a look at all these little baskets that are going to be dropped off at all the houses in the neighborhood! We had 1000 baskets ready to go!

Tuesday evening, Dustin and I went to our first Bradley Birth class. We did the hospital birth classes when we were pregnant with Ryan, but we decided that with all of the drama around Ryan's birth, we'd love to avoid all of that and do this one as med/intervention free as possible. We met with our instructor, Amy Sites, and she was awesome! I was very worried about having a birth instructor that was very Earth Mother-ish, but she was totally down to earth and easy to relate to. We learned some exercises, some relaxation techniques, and some nutrition stuff... but it was all pretty basic for now. Next week, we are going to start getting down to the nitty-gritty... it's a 12 week long course, which takes us right up to a week before our due date. Eeek!

Since then, Ryan and I have been doing a lot of fun stuff around the house... and we try to walk to the park daily. He is getting more independant by the second... but that's why I love him so much... because he is him!

Oh! I can't forget! We had a 3-d ultrasound on Saturday... got a little peek at our newest munchkin! Take a look for yourself!

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