Monday, March 9, 2009

Some Monday Mumbling...

Since I don't have much to talk about today... but I am feeling a desire to at least say something... here are my Monday Mumbles...

I am getting into the "baking trimester" of my pregnancy... I had this period with Ryan, and I can tell it's starting to pick up... I have an unnatural need for cookies, brownies, bread, muffins... whatever deliciousness I can pull out of the oven. It can even be a casserole or pizza... I don't really care! And for some reason... I think that my love of the smell of Pam with Flour has something to do with that!

I am loving how easy this pregnancy has been so far (relative to my pregnancy with Ryan) but a lot of things are really making me uneasy. I am terrified of another c-section, but at the same time, the risks of a VBAC are making me a little nervous, too. I think it was great to be pregnant and naive before... not realizing any real dangers. Now, my mind is filled with with thoughts that this may be my last pregnancy and that things won't go as planned. But, I also realize that I serve a big God and that I can do all things that I put my mind to, with His help. So... I try not to freak out as much and take extreme pleasure in knowing that there are no more than 15w left in this pregnancy! Woohoo!

I love to cook... and I wish I had a great way for me to organize the recipes that my family uses all the time so that I could easily point my husband in that direction when I don't want to cook but he wants a family staple! I am thinking of putting together a family cookbook... maybe pass it out to my sisters for Christmas this year (they don't read my blog, so I can say that here). But I want something that is easy to update and to use. Tell me how you keep these things straight! Pretty pretty please?

I splurged on something... sooooo not like me... but I did it. But you can't know what it is until Thursday... when it shows up on my doorstep and I have it all put together... so maybe Friday. ;o)

Lastly... I am feeling like most of my fellow bloggers are falling off the face of the planet... look over at the blog roll and you'll see that 80% of them haven't updated in months!!! Please update!! I'd love to read what's going on in your lives!! And if you aren't on my blogroll yet, why don't you post a comment and I'll come visit you! :o)


LauraC said...

I'm queen of updating my blog, even when I have nothing to say :)

Megan said...

Glad to hear you are in the home stretch! As far as the cook book, this is my plan... although I have yet to actually do it! :) I'm going to get a thing ring binder and fill it with those plastic page protecters. Then print my recipes and fill it up. It's easily updatable, just add recipes as you go or pull out what you don't use anymore. The first page will be a list of all the recipes, so when I plan my week I can look at that one page and remember all the meals I always forget about. And you can print a cover page or even make a scrapbook page to slide in the front (high school style).
Hope that gives you some inspiration! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. And a little tip... taking care of a newborn and a toddler is WAY easier than being pregnant and taking care of a toddler! Better days are coming!!

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