Monday, March 16, 2009

Savings and Splurges

Well... I pride myself on being able to not *need* things all the time... on being able to resist an impulse... but the past week, I received the product I have been lusting after and then subsequently splurged on... but ONLY when I found a great deal....

Meet my new Phil & Ted's Double! Well.. it looks like a single right now... but in under 100 days, it will be a double stroller for my two little kiddos! It's pretty awesome... and if you've never seen them before, check out I found a great deal that saved me $150 and I got free shipping... but it was still a major splurge. But... I am in love with it. and that's all that matters... ::hangs head in shame::

However, in an effort to correct my splurging... I have been super jealous of Courtney's savings, and decided to give CouponSense a try. For those that don't know, CouponSense is an online database that assists you in matching your coupons with current sales and promotions to maximize your savings. Those women you see on the news that claim to get 80% off their grocery bill... oftentimes they are from CouponSense.

I gave it a whirl on Saturday... just with some basics I needed from Walgreens... I got 5 packs of Huggies wipes (a total of 984 wipes) for $6 each on sale, a Gillette Fusion Razor for Dustin for $8.99 on sale, 3 packs of Orbit gum on sale for $.66 each, 2 packs of Peanut butter M&M's for $1, and a Walgreens Strawberry Soda for $.79. Hey... I'm pregnant. What can I say.

Now, I know that doesn't look like a great deal... I mean... I would have been at $42.76... but then the coupons kicked in... I had 5 "$5 off 1 pack of Huggies wipes" coupons, a "$4 off a Gillette Razor" coupon, and a "3 packs for $.99 Orbit Gum" coupon. All of a sudden... my total was $12.77 (before tax). Woohoo!!

But... as if that wasn't good enough... I got $10 in Register Rewards from Huggies saying "Thank you for wiping your babies tush with our products!" and another $4 Register Rewards from Proctor and Gamble saying "Your face is super smooth using our razor... so here is some more money to spend later!" So... I have $14 to spend at Walgreens before the end of the month... essentially free money...

So if you followed all of that... I got $42.76 worth of products for... um... -$1.23? Yeah... they paid me to shop... :o)

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Courtney said...

Yay! First of all, I LOVE your stroller and I am totally jealous. My double is nicknamed "the limo" because it is so huge. I have a jogging stroller for one that I love- but it is just for one! My double is a tandem, but it is just so big.

And Double Yay for C$! I know that it does cost money to use it, and it can be a little time consuming, but I really think that it is worth it. I sort of like having something to do- so I collate my coupons during naptime on Tuesdays. And considering that I have practically cut my monthly grocery spending by 75%- it's totally worth the cost of the newspaper and the website.

I will be sure to let you know of any good deals out there!

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