Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ryan's First Garanimals

Bug is getting big... but he's still a little guy. He's only in the 13th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height... so he'll be a string bean like his daddy. His size doesn't bother me at all... but I feel like the worst mom when I realize that he doesn't have very many clothes that still fit him! He has lots of long sleeved tees, sweaters, jeans... but those things only go so far in sunny Arizona... I mean, it was 91 degrees the last day of February!!

So, budget in mind... we went shopping today to get a few peices to help round out his wardrobe. And Tabitha met Garanimals, which feature animals that you match up and the clothes match, making it super easy for independant toddlers and colorblind dads alike! These clothes are super cheap at $3.50 regular price per peice (although they are commonly found in the clearance section for $1 each!!) and they are actually kind of cute! I love Ryan's Gap clothes... but at a fraction of the price, I was willing to give it a shot! (11 pieces at $3.50= $38.50)

I grabbed him 4 pairs of shorts (2 khaki colors, 1 blue jean, 1 plaid) and 7 t-shirts. Then I got him a pack of white onesies (although I am not sure he'll actually let me put them on him... 3 onesies for $3). This could mean I have enough summer clothes to get Ryan through for a while at only $41.50. Much much better than that $8 clearance stuff at Gap.

I also picked up milk ($1.98) and country crock ($2.42) while I was there, as well as a pack of plastic divided plates for Ryan (4 for $1.50) and some Crayola First Marks markers that were on clearance ($5.50 after 50% reduction). Not too bad for a $61 trip to Walmart. And the only real splurge was the markers.

Oh! I have taken up a new project... but it's super secret! Keep an eye out for something fun by the end of March!! I can't wait for it... and I hope you will be excited to find out what it is!!

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Courtney said...

I love Garanimals! Kids just grow so fast, I have a hard time spending a lot on clothes for them. I love Carters and Gymboree stuff, but even on clearance they are pricey. You can find Carters stuff at Costco sometimes- they have 3-piece PJs for $8.99 right now. Normally those run like $14. Garanimals are great because you can mix and match.

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