Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kate may be right...

Costco may very well be the devil.

Shhhhh! Don't tell her I said it... maybe she won't notice.

Seriously, I love Costco. There are so many *good* deals there that I simply can't pass somethings up... but I went today to get 3 things: wipes, tylenol, country crock. Welp, they don't actually carry Country Crock... they have I Can't Believe it's Not Butter (and we don't do that in this house)! So... I got the wipes (Huggies $23.99 for 1000 wipes... cheaper per wipe than Kirkland) and the tylenol (2 pack infant drops $11.59).

But then I remembered Bug needed soy milk ($12.79 for 12 quarts). And then decided on Spinach & Mozzerella ravioli for dinner (frozen... $9.49 for a big ol' bag that'll prob be 4 meals). We tried a sample of a Teriyaki Chicken, to which Ryan "MMMMMMMM'd" very loudly and signed "more"... so into the cart it went ($8.99 for 8 servings... will likely end up being 2 meals though for us). And we were out of dishwashing detergent (2 pack Kirkland 125oz liquid... $8.99). And... as I walked past the much to expensive Cokes... I remembered we were out of sugar... and although I know it would have been cheaper at the grocery store, I didn't want to make another stop. So... 10 lbs of Sugar ($4.75, pink package... the good kind) added to the basket.

So... 7 items... $84.61... and I am not sure it was worth it... but I think I am going to add every one of my purchases to the blog so I have a little bit of a "keep me honest" group. I know I could have done worse... but I am happy to know that it was ONLY things we *needed*... riiiiight...

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Muffin Cake said...

AH hahahaha...I'll be kind, as long as you promise to remember I am ALWAYS right. ;)

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