Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30 Day Difference.

So, as I was falling asleep last night, I started talking to myself. Outloud. I actually do this alot... but I pretend I am talking to my hubby, so he doesn't commit me to the looney bin. Anyway, the topic of discussion last night was that I feel like my brain is turning to mush... I need stimulation and I need to do things.

And then I fell asleep. I thought about it more in Dreamland, and again this morning. I realized a few things. First... I live "plugged in". I am probably on my computer more than the average person is in their car, or working, or eating... and I am usually pretty proud of this fact. But I also realized that I haven't gone grocery shopping in a month. We've eaten... but it's things we whip up or we buy 1 meals worth of stuff. Then I thought about how in only 5 short months, we will have another little guy (or gal) around here demanding attention and how I am going to be feeling so deprived and having no idea who I am anymore.

But, while none of this seems like major issues... I hate the fact that if I were to get a "Stay At Home Wife" grade... I'd likely get a D+. I am not even going to add in here that I am a Mom to a busy toddler... that part I'd ace... but the housekeeping, meal making, laundry doing side of me is really lacking. But ask me what happened last week on House or send me an email and I will be all over it!

So... it is with this that I am making a change. I am committing to a 30 Day Difference. I don't make New Year's Resolutions... but I am gonna take this time to reconnect with who I am... and UNPLUG! I am making the choice to spend 1 hour or less online every day. I will be caught up on laundry. I will have a plan. I will play with Bug. And most importantly... when this baby is ready to make it's appearance... I won't have to quit my online world cold turkey... I am sure I can manage an hour there as well!

I'll be posting here daily as part of my daily hour... letting you know what I have accomplished and how I am feeling. I am hoping this really makes a difference in my priorities and my perspective!

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