Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best Idea Ever!!

So, I know we are only 1 week into October... and I know that this month is the standard precursor to November... which is the month that contains what might very well be the best holiday ever. Yeah, I know that you are probably saying, "But Tabitha, Christmas is really in December." It's ok... you aren't wrong... it's just that my favorite holiday, by far, is Thanksgiving... you just can't beat the food... the family... the food... the friends... and the food!

But, for as much as I love this holiday... here is another confession... We never have leftovers. I know that you all enjoy those 2nd day turkey sandwiches, layered with cranberry sauce with a side of candied sweet potatoes all tossed in the microwave... or maybe it's just pumpkin pie for breakfast.... Either way... I don't get any of it.

And I know that I am normally a leftover-aphobic. I won't come within 10 yards of the stuff... but Thanksgiving is different... I only get these foods once a year... which brought me to my Best Idea Ever!!!

The reason we never get any leftovers is simple... too.many.people!! My Thanksgiving consists of 47 people, plus friends... seriously... Don't believe me? Here are the name tags from last year:

Maria, Danny, Colleen, Daniel, Kim, Diona, Hanna, Christina, Trinity, Dave, Stephanie, DeeAnn, Cliff, Tabitha, Dustin, Ryan, Heather, Cathy, Mike, Thomas, Denise, Dominic, Sam, Richard, Timothy, Britany, Doreen, Scott, Christopher, Vanessa, Raquel, Justin, Caleb, Rebehka, Alec, Conor, Makenna, Brock, Monica, Breianna, Michael, Johnny, Jackie, Josh, Al, Cindy, Michael L.

And again... those are just the "family". It's not unfamiliar to have guests that have no other family here, are new in town, or were looking for a "you'll never believe it" story to tell their friends later.

We rent chairs from the church. We cook 3 turkeys and 2 hams! We all hold hands in 1 big circle to say Grace... and when my mom is feeling overly festive, we all say "3 Things We Are Most Thankful For" as we groan about how the food is getting cold! But it works...

...but there are no leftovers... ever!

So... back to this Best Idea Ever... This year, Dustin and I are starting a new Tradition... tentatively called "Tabitha Thanksgiving". Basically, we are doing Thanksgiving here at our house on Sunday before Thanksgiving. It gives me a chance to make whatever I want for "our" Thanksgiving. I can make as much or as little as I want. I can make a whole turkey or just a breast... and it's just for us!

And there are leftovers for the next day!!

2008... the year the Lehman's got a leftover turkey sammie!!

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Megan said...

I didn't know you had a blog. I will add yours to my links. Ryan is super cute! And getting so big.

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