Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning to budget... oh geez...

I am so many days into my budgeting course and already I am finding myself wondering why I ever volunteered for this mess... ok... I didn't exactly volunteer... but it feels like volunteer work. I mean, it's not fun, it's slightly rewarding, and I am sure there is at least one person out there who is pointing and laughing saying "If only she knew better."

This last week, through our Financial Peace University, we had to come up with what they call a "Quickie Budget" and put the basic premise of our financial lives on paper. Oh boy, did that suck. I mean, in real life, I like believeing that I am making it... but on paper... I am like a billion dollars short each month. Ok... not quite a billion... more like a million... but I am not one for real numbers.

So, I hate stereotypes, but they make the world easier to make harsh generalizations... and based on Dave Ramsey's generalizations, I am the nerd of the relationship... and my husband is the Free Spirit... now, in real life, he is much more the nerd... and I have a better chance of being mistaken for a Free Spirit... but whatever. So, anyway, it was my job to do the budget and then hold a "Budget Committee" to review the budget with him... and it was his job to attend. And then I was supposed to let him change.the.budget (all you other controlling nerd types together now ::::GASP::::).

I don't think I learned anything from this exercise... but a few thoughts have become more engrained in my mind...

- My husband is selfish! When we are trying to make things balance and making sacrifices... his $300 personal allowance each month needs to also be sacrificed... even cut in half... it's still phenominally generous!

- I am on my own when it comes to balancing this stuff.

- The only way to get him to stop spending is gonna be to cut up his credit cards and freeze the little little peices in a coffee cup. One that isn't microwave safe and was autographed by Nolan Ryan so that he won't want to get it wet with hot water to rescue his cards. Oh... and call the card company and unauthorize him from getting a new card.

This stuff isn't new... but it's also not fun. Spending less than you make... what a concept... let's just hope it doesn't ruin this ignorant bliss we call marriage.

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