Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Heirlooms

My Grandmother has always been rather particular... doesn't like people to see what she is throwing away (usually tuna fish cans) or needs only Ivory soap. In a bar. With pink paper.

She also never had any of the normal pleasures that the rest of civilization loves... television, cordless telephones, battery operated alarm clocks... the lights, buttons, or ticking noises really bothered her.

But she had some of the best toys. My sisters and I would spend hours playing with these little dolls that had snap on clothing. She had tons of puzzles. She had a rather extensive quarter collection that she let us help her with. It was so much fun to be at her house even if we knew we wouldn't be able to watch any of our favorite cartoons.

My Grandmother moved here to Arizona about 8 years ago when my dad and uncle drove to San Antonio and packed her up and moved her out here. She had several boxes, but we were all instructed never to open them. Ever. Never Ever.

Welp... Grandma moved to a nursing home and left the boxes behind... and I was helping out at the garage sale last week when they were unearthed... and calling my name. Hey... aren't grandkids supposed to go through their grandparents things?? My mind started trailing back to those wonderful toys... and I needed to open them.

The first box was covered in molasses (yes... that's my grandmother). Inside was 2 baby books, a few pictures, an old purse, and umbrella, and a file box of old paperwork. Some fun stuff... but not much... I was entrigued to open more! But I shouldn't have... box number 2 contained... wait for it... a motocross trophy. 5th place. My dad says he thinks it might have been his brothers. His mom never even went to a motocross race, so he has no clue why she wanted that.

Suitcase #1: picture frame (empty), a hot plate, and a few empty bags.
Suitcase #2: a space heater.

So much for my family heirlooms. :o(

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