Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buggy's 3/4th Birthday!

Yep... today marks 9 months. So, I guess I could have had another baby by now... but thank God there is only one baby Bug over here! Ryan is getting into all kinds of mischief now... and I can't make this stuff up... Yesterday, he found a bottle of nailpolish in a bin while I was brushing my teeth. He was clapping with it, and then he dropped it... shattering it everywhere... and when I say everywhere, I mean just that. It was in his hair, his clothes, on his face and his legs... not to mention all over the tile in the bathroom. And what does a baby do when they start crying when something breaks... rubs their eyes! I grabbed him up, rinsing his hands and trying to keep him from getting that all in his baby browns.

Next came the bath. Baths are a normal part of our bedtime routine, but tonights had a nice little twist... the pink bottle of non-acetone remover and a bag of cotton balls. While Ryan played with his pink Breast Cancer Awareness rubber duck (the only pink toy Dad will allow), I took cotton ball after cotton ball and wiped off his legs, feet, arms... and gave his head a good rub down. I barely cleaned off his face thinking I'd rather him have a bit of pink sparkles on his face than remover in his eyes.

We finished up the bath with a hefty dose of Johnson's bedtime wash. I love that stuff... and am guilty of lathering myself up in that lavender goodness more than once. I was just hopeful that it would help him sleep longer than the 3 hours stints he calls a good night's rest. We put on his little red dinosaur pajamas (complete with a super cute T-Rex on the front yelling "Rawwwr").

And then, as my buggy is falling asleep... I wonder where the last 9 months went. The pajamas he was sleeping in were ones I swore would never fit him. He is a ball of personality... and mischeif... all rolled into one beautiful little boy.

Love you Ryan!

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Brandi said...

What is with little boys named Ryan and nailpolish??? My Ryan did the same thing last winter. Now I have a lock on the doorknob to our bathroom to keep the mad man out! lol

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