Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet the Pups...

So, I am sure that most people would agree that unless you are a born writer, being creative with your blog topics can be a little tough... and that can be noticed in my lack of posts lately... but, someone told me that I need to put a bit of fur in the blog... so here you go!

Meet Chai and Oliver. Chai is the chocolate lab... which makes Oliver the yellow lab. They are both about 70 lbs right now, although Oliver still has a bit of growing to do; those paws are still pretty big! He'll likely top off around 85 lbs as his dad was pushing 90.

These dogs are awesome. They let Ryan crawl all over them, they play together and keep each other company. And best of all... they are "broken" and hate the water! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go swimming and have the dogs lay on the cool deck waiting for us to get out of the pool rather than lunging into the water and scratching the heck out of anything within 3 ft of them!

Dustin and I love our pups... and although I have always been a lab fanatic, Dustin took some convincing. He was all about GSD's and huskies... but I wanted nothing to do with those coats! But, it only took one dog to convince him that he was a Lab man and nothing else: Kona. Now, here was an awesome dog... never destroyed a single thing. Loved everyone and everything. And if his huge heart wasn't enough, his 97lbs of muscle and fur would take you over by brute strength! He was my protector while Dustin was on trips (although he probably would have used his Chinese Slobber Torture to defeat any enemy) and our best friend. He will always be missed.

Have you hugged your pup today?


Kellie said...

Love them!!

cupcake monkey said...

Ahhhh!! They are gorgeous!!!

And I just hugged my puppy!! :)

Americanized Island Princess said...

Absolutely adorable. I am a Lab lover too. And "Yes" I have hugged all three of my doggies today.

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