Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ryan's Haircut!

Little Bug's hair has been getting pretty long. and I understand he's supposed to be a baby... and that his long hair is part of being a baby... but I have a serious probably with the baby-mullet. I guess I could call it the bullett... but eh.

So, I was thinking I'd be that mom that makes everything a super special occassion... so I called up SnipIt's, a local child's hair place that boasts a fun atmosphere and cool haircuts for kiddos. What they don't tell you is that it costs less for my hubby to go to GreatClips than it does for Ryan to get a basic haircut... $17! And that doesn't even include a shampoo... what a jip... so I said forget it and decided that I did it once with my hair.... the baby should be a walk in the park.

I grabbed the scissors, a squirt bottle of water, and a comb. Then I pushed the highchair in front of the mirror in our entryway. Et Voila! A barbershop for one! I loaded up the tray with Veggie Pirates Booty (a great alternative to Gerber Puffs, but thats a story for a different day) and got to work!

Ryan did good... and I decided not to take off too much. Just enough to get rid of the bullett and make him super cute for all the baby girls... and to make sure that the next time we are out, I don't get the ubiquitous "SHE".

I think he's pretty cute... but I'm his mom... so I think I am biased... what do you think? (Yeah... that's a shameless ploy to hear about his cuteness from you!)

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cupcake monkey said...

You know I love him and thing he is cuter than cute!!

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