Monday, June 2, 2008

And he's mobile!

Yeah... I know that I was just posting about how Ryan wants to be mobile... but now he is... he's officially crawling. I wish I was more excited about this... but its actually much more work for me, and he absolutely detests me holding him now. Unless he's hungry. In which case, he totally is all over me, and there is nothing in the world better than me... Dustin wants me to make him a shirt that says, "I'm hungry, show me your boobs." But, I digress.

So, here's the video of the monster in action... yeah, his middle name isn't Grace, but he just likes making a big presentation of the warm-up so you really appreciate the main show!

In other news, I am doing a bit of home remodeling (ok, I am really just turning my closet into my craftroom/office because Dustin is too big to share) and some more life changes (I started going green a few months ago... now watch me get healthy!

So long as I don't bore you... I'll put more pictures up of before/after stuff... and actually might embarrass myself with how bad the before's are... :o)

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