Friday, May 2, 2008

One, Drill Sargent!

Ryan has been trying to crawl for a while now... I guess being in one spot for a while is only fun when... well... I guess it's not that fun ever.

So, he's now determined to get somewhere... and get there as fast as he can. However, his body isn't ready to move forward just yet. He has figured out how to roll over, how to scooch around to get into things... but this picture shows the extent of his "crawling" at this time... that's right... he's in the push up position. Shortly after this... he lunges forward, doing a direct face plant into the carpet... and that gummy smile turns into the biggest frown... and he starts to cry.

I embrace my bad mommy self... and I giggle... I mean, seriously... what else am I going to do? It's this friction that causes progress... and I know that in a few more months... I will be remembering this wonderful time when I had time to take a photograph before he got into trouble...

Love You, Ryan!
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cupcake monkey said...

:) He is so so cute!!!

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