Monday, March 29, 2010

How 'bout the Weather?

Sorry... another 2 weeks flew by and I missed them!

We spent a lot of time doing house stuff, playing in the garden, and enjoying this beautiful weather. THIS is the time of year that we locals wish NOBODY came to visit... because then everyone would move here... but that probably wouldn't be too bad.

It rained a few times more than we are used to, and flooded my gardens. The general consensus is that my tomatoes have drowned... but we are going to let them be for a while and see if they will bounce back. I am going to be planting more seeds this week... I think some things didn't pop up because some birdies got a little hungry.

And it seriously makes me giggle when I go outside and see any color other than green in the garden... seriously...
 Chai and Oliver like to tag along while I play in the garden... and since they are keeping their distance and not eating everything in there (although I still keep a fence there) I don't mind the company! Here's a little doggie love for you... only because I am sure that there is at least one person out there who thinks that this blog needs a little more fur!

Now stop reading blogs and go outside! It's gorgeous out there!

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