Monday, February 22, 2010

New and Old

Good Monday Morning! It was a long night around here... complete with little boys teething, vomit in every bed (except the crib) and not enough sheets to go around. ::sigh:: but now it's morning! And I am hoping the wonderful rain outside can wash away any lingering ick factors hanging out here!

So, how do you like the new blog? I finally got everything done with DesignerBlogs, the ones that sponsored the blog makeover giveaway over at Kevin&Amanda! I am liking it... although I know I will be tweaking a few things here and there... in my world, things are never "finished"! You really should check them out... Amy and Lauren are awesome and so easy to work with!

Anyway, today, one thing that I am loving is my friends... I know I already said that... but I really do love them. I think that girls have to have a bunch of friends... and a while back, I found this list. I am pretty sure I have a friend that fits each description, but do you??

A 7 Friends Every Woman Needs, by Glamour Magazine

1. The Kooky Friend... because normal friends just don't make life as fun!

2. The New meet, you talk, you want to divuldge your deepest darkest secrets... and you haven't even exchanged phone numbers yet!

3. The Friend You'll Keep for Life... lifelong friendships that are like our grandparents marriages... they tied the knot after knowing each other for 6 months, but 50 years later are still madly in love. This lady is the one that knows where you have come from, where you are going, and what is all in between!

4. The Couple Friends... I am not talking about the "double date" per se... but the couple that would  include you with or without your spouse. I am all for couple-to-couple friends... it's great to have friends where your hubbies match up and you guys and double it... but having a married male to sound in on relationship issues (with his wife there, too!) is a great thing!

5. The 9-to-5 Friend... she makes the weekly drag that much more bearable... and SAHMs need this one too! Someone who can grab lunch during the week, can gossip around the proverbial water cooler, and is up for happy hour with the week is over (or the day was just to stressful).

6. The Friends Who Show Up... these are the ones that you just don't know how much they care until they do when nobody else does. They show up in the middle of the night at the ER with clothes for you so you don't have to leave your sick baby. They bring sinus meds by when you are both sick and having to watch 2 kiddos at home without help. And they run across town for you when you just can't complete one more deadline! These friends are the ones you keep close... and never feel ashamed to ask for help from!

7.The Friend Who has Been There... she is likely older than you... and sometimes by quite a bit... but with her age comes wisdom... and sometimes Wisdom is the only solution to life's problems. She can see things from a different perspective, and because she (may) remembers how she was at your time, she can bring it to you with a dose of caution and sensitivity.

Whew! With all that... I am thinking we all need to send out a little bit of love to the ladies in our lives! So... let's do it! Can you call, email, text, or otherwise contact the women in your life that make you who you are... and help make things special? I am sure you will brighten their day... and if it's raining there, too, they might need it!

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Loev it Tabitha!! The new design looks awesome!! :)

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