Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A lot of my friends are familiar with Confession Wednesday... a weekly ritual that involves spilling details that would never leave your lips as they wouldl do nothing more than incriminate you... and, well... I have a few confessions.

1. My house is regularly a wreck. Not like "OMG... I forgot to wipe up a small little spill over here!" kind of wreck... a "Honey, have you seen the floor lately" kind of wreck. Don't believe me? Here are two rooms of my house... and they look like this

2. I just barely took down my Christmas Tree. As it right before I started typing this post. It needed to come down so that I could feel like I accomplished something.

3. I co-sleep... and by co-sleep, I do mean in the same bed. With the same blankets. And my pillows. And I actually love it. There is something great about being able to get up with a crying baby, feed them, and put them back to sleep, all without stepping out of my bed.


Ok, so my confessions aren't really that good... and I am sure I could have whipped up something better... but I did want to say that confession #1 is my next focus... I am going to be doing some major purging... I really want to gut these rooms out, paint, organize, and then live in them. I am tired of feeling like my life has absolutely no order. I'll be posting some updates on these rooms as they become what I want them to be.. a fully functional laundry room, and Ryan's big boy room!

What do you have to confess today?

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Anonymous said...

You're brave to post pics of your clutter! It's a step towards tidiness, though! I'll send you a before and after of my guest room closet for some inspiration to you! It's such a feeling of accomplishment!

Now- if I could only deal with the 4+ year old magazine subscriptions that I haven't read and my 1,000's of magazine, catalog, and recipe clippings...

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